Robert Osborne, male, 38

Ref 70786

Nationality: United States
Currently based in: Oriental , United States
Looking for: Worldwide opportunities
Experience: 5000 ocean miles / 2500 coastal miles
Ahoy! I am a 37 year old sailor who is looking for more experience in bluewater sailing. I am easy going, hardworking, and willing to learn. I grew up sailing small, one design boats during the summers in Castine, Maine, where I cultivated a love for the open water. I brought that interest with me back to North Carolina where I am lucky to sail mountains to sea, weather inland lake sailing with my Flying Scot or exploring the many anchorages of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast with my 32ft ketch Duchess. My partner and I purchased our first cruising sailboat, a Pearson 323, about 5 years ago. We spent endless days refitting her and getting her ready to cruise. However, our work was nullified by the inevitable fact of her needing a new engine. After accepting that realization, we reluctantly sold our Pearson and purchased a 77' Allied Seawind mkii that had been recently repowered. She was purchased in Maryland and our maiden voyage was a 10-day sail to our homeport in Oriental, NC. Although she was well outfitted for cruising, we still found many projects to keep us occupied for well over a year. We sailed her all around North Carolina until we felt comfortable enough to take her on a 4-month excursion to the Bahamas in early 2023-totaling 2500 nm. In the interim, I had the opportunity to crew for several passages including Wilmington, NC to St. Augustine, FL – Miami, FL to New Bern, NC – Cleveland, OH to Alpina, MI. My goal is to expand my knowledge of bluewater sailing in hopes of gaining the confidence to take our Seawind Duchess to new horizons. I believe that I will be a great addition to any sailing vessel.
Smoking: non-smoker
Relationship status: partnered
Dietary requirements: None
Languages: English;
Social Links:

Robert’s Sailing Experience

Number of years sailing: 10+
Sea miles sailed: Ocean: 5000 / Coastal: 2500
Nights at sea: 11-49
I have experience as: Coastal Skipper
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Sailing Skills Experienced
I have done this many times and am confident to help others less experienced. I am happy doing this day
I am competent doing this in daylight, or if there is someone more experienced with me
I have only done this a few times, but I am willing to learn
I have not done this before
Steer a compass course x
Keep lookout/watch-keeping x
Trimming sails – mainsail and foresail/jib x
Reefing x
Working the foredeck – setting sails including spinnakers and cruising chutes x
Navigating with GPS and paper charts at sea x
Anchoring and handling anchors x
Cooking at sea x
Using dinghies with outboard motors x
Heaving-to and other heavy weather tactics x

Other nautical or cruising skills

Using VHF radiox
Diesel engine maintenancex

Voyage History

Date Boat From/To Miles Role # Crew Rally
2023 Allied Seawind Mkii Oriental NC/Bahamas 2500 Captain 2 na
2022 Baltimore Clipper Cleveland OH/Alpina MI 250 Crew 12 Tall Ship Challenge
2020 Camper Nicholson 42 Wilmington NC/St Augustine 350 Watch-leader 4 na
2020 Bayfield 36 Miami/Carolina Beach NC 550 Crew 3 na
2019 Allied Seawind mkii Coastal NC/Coastal NC 2000 Captain 2 General Coastal Cruising
2019 Allied Seawind Mkii Annapolis MD/Oriental 300 Captain 2 Na
January 0 / 0 0
January 0 / 0 0
January 0 / 0 0
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