A rally is an organised event for a group of boats to sail the same route.  These are usually geared towards cruising boats, but there may be a competitive element or even a class for racing boats.  World Cruising Club is the world’s largest organiser of cruising rallies, with over 400 boats and more than 2000 people sailing in their rallies every year.

Cruiser join rallies for many reasons:  They are a good way to make new friends and share an amazing experience; an organised rally provides a safe structure with satellite tracking of every boat, weather information and radio nets; and the details of arrival and departure are managed for you, so you can concentrate on sailing the ocean.

Lots of rally boats look for extra crew, and Ocean Crew Link is World Cruising Club’s preferred crew search partner for all their rallies.

World Cruising Club Rallies

ARC The original sailing rally has run every year since 1986.  Departs Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for Rodney Bay Saint Lucia every November. www.worldcruising.com/arc

World ARC  The ultimate circumnavigation rally takes 15 months, departing from Saint Lucia sailing via Panama, Galapagos, Pacific islands, Australia, Bali, Cocos, Mauritius, South Africa and Brazil.  Starts January from Saint Lucia and August from Australia.  www.worldcruising.com/worldarc

ARC Europe  Explore the Atlantic Islands of Bermuda and the Azores, on passage from Tortola BVI or Portsmouth VA bound for Lagos Portugal.  Starts every May.  www.worldcruising.com/arceurope

ARC USA  Sail from the Caribbean to the east coast of the USA.  Starts every May with ARC Europe.  www.worldcruising.com/arc_usa

ARC Portugal Cruise from Plymouth UK across Biscay to Marina de Lagos on Portugal’s Algarve, exploring ashore and afloat.  Starts every June. www.worldcruising.com/arcportugal

ARC Baltic Cruise from Kiel through the Danish, Swedish and Finish archipelagos.  July/August. www.worldcruising.com/arc_baltic

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