Camila Carvajal, female, 33

Ref 48977

Nationality: Italy
Currently based in: Buenos aires, Argentina
Looking for: Worldwide opportunities
Experience: 1000 ocean miles / 2000 coastal miles
Hi! I´m Camila, from Buenos Aires- Argentina. I´m an architect and urban researcher, that loves to travel and discover new places and habitable realities, but right now I´m working in a naval company based in France, as a Director of a liveaboard motorsailer project. I used to sailing with family since I was a child and spend almost two months living aboard of a Bavarian 44 in the Mediterranean and living in a Bali 41 in the Carribbean for more than a month. I have experience helping onboard and understanding the importance of been proactive, positive, discipline and fearless to solve the problems with calm. Also, I have a lot of experience living in extreme adventures in environments like jungles (months working in amazon), Ushuaia ice trekking adventure (South of Argentina), Galapagos Islands and working in favelas/slams.... I learn in these 20 years of this kind of experience to manage the complications and enjoy. I lived with people from different cultures and countries and I love to learn from this sharing time, because I lived in Ecuador and Argentina and travel many times to USA and Europe (Italian nationality). I´m a sportive person and strong, love swimming , running, tennis and trekking, but also like to read, cook, design and play the Lego or mecano/ or invent games with children (I have 2 nephews, 7 and 12). Finally, I did the Red Cross course, for first aid and know about the manual and technical work in the boat. Thanks a lot for reading, and hope to join some of you to keep learning. See you in the water :)
Smoking: non-smoker
Relationship status: single
Dietary requirements: I don´t have any restriction with the food.
Languages: English; Spanish;
Social Links:

Camila’s Sailing Experience

Number of years sailing: 10+
Sea miles sailed: Ocean: 1000 / Coastal: 2000
Nights at sea: 50+
I have experience as: Crew
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Sailing Skills Experienced
I have done this many times and am confident to help others less experienced. I am happy doing this day
I am competent doing this in daylight, or if there is someone more experienced with me
I have only done this a few times, but I am willing to learn
I have not done this before
Steer a compass course x
Keep lookout/watch-keeping x
Trimming sails – mainsail and foresail/jib x
Reefing x
Working the foredeck – setting sails including spinnakers and cruising chutes x
Navigating with GPS and paper charts at sea x
Anchoring and handling anchors x
Cooking at sea x
Using dinghies with outboard motors x
Heaving-to and other heavy weather tactics x

Other nautical or cruising skills

Using VHF radiox
Diesel engine maintenancex
Outboard engine maintenancex
Repairing or making sailsx
Using radarx

Voyage History

Date Boat From/To Miles Role # Crew Rally
2023 Bali 41 St.Lucia/Antigua 400 Watch-leader 2
2022 Bavaria 42 Malta/Napoli 400 Watch-leader 2
2022 Bavarian 42 Sicily/Malta 300 Watch-leader 3
2022 Bavarian 42 Bastia, Napoly, Sicily/Corse 800 Watch-leader 7
2014 monohull Buenos Aires/Uruguay coast 300 Crew 3
2014 Monohull Buenos Aires/Delta 300 Crew 4
2011 Monohull Buenos Aires/Montevideo + Carmelo 300 Crew 5
2010 Monohull Buenos Aires/Carmelo 200 Crew 4
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