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Nationality: New Zealand
Currently based in: Auckland, New Zealand
Looking for: Worldwide opportunities
Experience: 0 ocean miles / 500 coastal miles
Hi there, My name is Bruno. I'm originally from Brazil but have been living in Auckland - New Zealand for the past 6 years. Auckland is know as the city of sails and there's plenty of opportunities to learn and practice this passion. I've been sailing since 2020, when myself and 3 other friends had the idea of buying a little monohull together. The boat is called Celtic and it's a Tracker 7.7m (25.26ft) designed by Alan Wright. The idea was to learn how to sail and go to adventures together. During this journey we managed to go to many adventures around NZ, including Great Barrier, Bay of Islands and Cavali Islands. This little boat has been as expected a great school for me. My friends and I do all the maintenance together, including the inboard Diesel engine, boom replacement, antifouling and everything else related to it. Our next goal is to upgrade our little Celtic to a solid ocean cruiser to be able to go to the Pacific islands and perhaps further so I would like to volunteer on someone's journey to acquire the experience needed to go on our own Journeys in the future. I'm curious and eager to learn and I can follow instructions. I consider myself intelligent and I can normally figure out how things work and how to fix them. I can work the helm, I can set up and trim sails, including the Spinnaker. I'm capable of keeping the watch and reefing the sails when needed. About my personality: I'm easy going, respectful and nice to be around. I work hard and I'm a good team player. Also appreciate some relaxing time, good conversations, books, ocean swims and doing sports. I enjoy cooking and I like to keep stuff clean. If you wanna know more about me, we can organise a call. Thanks! Bruno
Smoking: non-smoker
Relationship status: single
Dietary requirements: None.
Languages: English; Spanish; Portuguese
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BRUNO’s Sailing Experience

Number of years sailing: 1 to 3
Sea miles sailed: Ocean: 0 / Coastal: 500
Nights at sea: 1-10
I have experience as: Coastal Skipper
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Sailing Skills Experienced
I have done this many times and am confident to help others less experienced. I am happy doing this day
I am competent doing this in daylight, or if there is someone more experienced with me
I have only done this a few times, but I am willing to learn
I have not done this before
Steer a compass course x
Keep lookout/watch-keeping x
Trimming sails – mainsail and foresail/jib x
Reefing x
Working the foredeck – setting sails including spinnakers and cruising chutes x
Navigating with GPS and paper charts at sea x
Anchoring and handling anchors x
Cooking at sea x
Using dinghies with outboard motors x
Heaving-to and other heavy weather tactics x

Other nautical or cruising skills

Diesel engine maintenancex
Outboard engine maintenancex

Voyage History

Date Boat From/To Miles Role # Crew Rally
2022 Monohull Bay of Islands/Auckland 120 Watch-leader 4
2021 Monohull Auckland/Cavali Islands 130 Watch-leader 4
2021 Monohull Great Barrier Island/Auckland 60 Crew 4
2020 Monohull Auckland/Great Barrier Island Nz 60 Crew 4
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