This opportunity was posted on January 5, 2021

[ closed ] Shetland and Faeroe Islands Sweden to Sweden ref 12644

Hans Hansell wants 2 crew for Working on a Dream, Sun Odyssey 49, 15m.

From Gothenburg, Sweden to Stockholm, Sweden.

June 2022 to August 2022.

This sailing opportunity starts in Gothenburg, Sweden, and takes you via Norway to the Shetland and the Faeroe Islands. We will follow the viking routes and start the trip in the Swedish west coast archipelago, cross over to the southern tip of Norway, Lindesnaes, and continue up the Norwegian coast line to the iconic Utsira island and lighthouse. From Utsira we sail towards the Shetlands Islands and after some island cruising we continue to the Faeroe Islands. The return voyage will maybe be more direct towards Denmark and Sweden. After coming back to Swedish waters the cruise will continue around the Scandinavian peninsula, through the Sound, up the Swedish east coast and finish in Stockholm. The boat is a Sun Odyssey 49 in which I have previously completed a circumnavigation. She has continuously been upgraded and last year a new mainsail was added to the wardrobe.

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 1): does not matter

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 2): does not matter

Sailing with a Rally: None

I'm looking for (gender): either

Cabins/Sleeping : own cabin-own bunk

Smoking on board: non-smokers only

Total people on board:

Crew roles: I am looking for a younger crew. A couple is also fine. Crew is expected to participate in all activities on board such as fore deck work, helming, trimming, cooking, maintenance etc. Crew should have good sailing knowledge and be able to stand watch alone. Sailing experience is thus required but not necessarily ocean crossings. Captain pays all costs related to the boat such as harbour dues, diesel, maintenance etc but crew is expected to share costs for groceries. Welcome!

Money: captain pays all expenses

Travel to and from boat: crew pays

Other Info:

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