This opportunity was posted on March 30, 2021

[ active ] Sailing from Panama to Florida/East Coast Panama to United States ref 12774

Jenna McCrory wants 1 crew for Kognita, Challenger, m.

From Colon , Panama to Newport, Rhode Island, United States.

May 2021 to June 2021.

We're looking for a season sailor to be an additional crew member on our sail from the Panama Canal to Rhode Island. We're looking for help in any part of the journey. Projected route is to go from Panama to Jamaica, through the Windward Passage, to Bahamas, and then on to Florida or Norfolk, VA depending on weather and gulf stream. The final destination is Rhode Island. We're looking to leave end of April, beginning of May depending on weather windows. We will wait for an opportunity when trade winds lighten and hopefully get more east in them to make this upwind journey more pleasant.

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 1): Watch-leader

Sailing with a Rally: None

I'm looking for (gender): either

Cabins/Sleeping : own cabin-own bunk

Smoking on board: non-smokers only

Total people on board: 3-4

Crew roles: We're looking for a seasoned sailor who has experience on cruising-size boats. This is a 40-ft boat, and our average speed is around 5 kts. Adventurous spirit, flexible and the ability to be calm under pressure is essential. Although we're hoping to find a great weather window, it is an upwind journey so it will likely be uncomfortable at times. Crew member also has to love dogs! There is an old dog named Max on board. He is quite scared of sailing so he mostly just sleeps down below and keeps to himself. He does go potty on deck. We're a couple, Brooks and Jenna. Brooks is a professional yacht captain with over 50,000 nautical miles sailing and Jenna has been a chef/stewardess on professional yachts and has around 10,000 nautical miles sailing. We're both capable of sailing the vessel alone, but would love to have some help, camaraderie and better sleep schedule. Crew is expected to share in all duties sailing, if you hate cooking, that's ok. We can cook :) Sleep arrangement is either forepeak or the salon. Forepeak is more of your own cabin, but much bumpier. Salon has table that drops down and cushion insert that makes a full/queen size bed. Hot bunking is an option in the aft cabin if seas are rough too. Crew can help with just one leg of journey or all of it. Panama to Jamaica should take around 6 days. Windward Passage to Bahamas around 2 days. Bahamas to Florida or Norfolk is depending...

Money: captain pays all expenses

Travel to and from boat: negotiable

Other Info:

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