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[ active ] North Atlantic summer 2022 France to France ref 13249

stephane giudicelli wants 6 crew for GRYNING, BALTIC 55, 17m.

From Bretagne, France to Bretagne, France.

May 2022 to September 2022.

Qualifying passage for YachtMaster Ocean included. Total 6500 Nm Offshore in ten passages in between France, Azores, UK, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland, Faeroes and back to France. This is oceanic sailing, the routes are ideal for fast and fun sailing. We support and practise all aspects of offshore sailing. 
Split into ten legs, each one to two week duration as follows :
 #1 Concarneau - Vigo : 1 semaine - 400 Nm (11 - 16 mai) For the first run of the season, challenge yourself in the Bay of Biscay, calling in the beautiful Ria de Vigo. We will start from the lovely city of Concarneau, in West Brittany. #2 Vigo - Horta : 10 jours - 900 Nm (20 - 29 mai) Take a leap of an Atlantic crossing with this oceanic trip, in between Galicia and the Azores. Along the coast to catch the Portuguese winds and then rounding to the West, into the magnificent swell of the high sea. #3 Horta - Valentia (Eire) - 10 jours - 1100 Nm (04-14 juin) In this mostly downwind voyage we will do our best to keep a good pace and maybe break a record. #4 Valentia - Stornoway - 1 semaine - 500 Nm (16-22 juin) Along the western coast of Ireland, we will explore St Kilda islands, as well as the outer Hebrides, before reaching Stornoway, N of the isle of Lewis. #5 Stornoway - Shetlands - Feroe - Iceland - 2 semaines - 900 Nm (25/06 - 10/07) Explore the Viking kingdom of the Isles, and enjoy the friendly welcoming of their inhabitants, in between refreshing and short 200 Nm legs. #6 Reykjavik - Tassilaq - Isafjordur - 2 semaines - 650 Nm (15 - 30 Juillet) From Iceland, we will get across the Greenland strait, and give a quick look to the icebergs and the icecap on the E coast of Greenland, before coming back in Isafjordur, Iceland. #7 Isafjordur - Côte N Islande - Bergen - 2 semaines - 900 Nm (02-15 aout) Exploring Iceland by the sea is a wonderful experience, the crisp air, the millions of birds, humpback whales and lovely little harbours, before jumping to Bergen coast in a 600 Nm passage. #8 Bergen - Shetlands - Orcades - Inverness - 10 jours - 500 Nm (16-26 aout) Back into the Norwegian Sea, we will call into these beautiful gems of the North, ending our trip in East Scotland. #9 Inverness - Canal calédonien - Inner Hebrides - Belfast - 1 semaine - Côtier (31/08 - 07/09) Going t through the Loch Ness, these relaxed cruise will bring us into the sea of Hebrides, until Belfast. #10 Belfast - Canal `st George - Bretagne W - 1 semaine - 500 Nm (11-17 sept) The last trip of the season, surrounded by Celtic lands, will end close to the mythical Broceliande forest.

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 1): Watch-leader

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 2): Watch-leader

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 3): Watch-leader

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 4): does not matter

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 5): does not matter

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 6): does not matter

Sailing with a Rally: Independent

I'm looking for (gender): either

Cabins/Sleeping : shared cabin-own bunk

Smoking on board: smoking allowed

Total people on board:

Crew roles: Prices are all inclusive (accommodation, food, fuel, satcoms and marina fees), except alcohol. 
With skipper and professional first mate.
For offshore legs, you ideally will have spent at least few nights at sea, and have experienced some strong or heavy weather conditions for a significant time. For coastal legs even beginners will be fine. 
Total crew will be 6-8 people for efficient and fast sailing and various training opportunities.
We will do celestial navigation training and practise. We will go into every aspect of managing a boat and a crew when offshore over a long duration. We will do several foresail changes, reefing, and flying spinnakers. 
Preferably no heavy smokers ; and of course no alcohol at sea, and no drugs at all.... 
Female first mate is already hired, and we strongly encourage more female crew to join us!

Money: voyage cost $2500

Travel to and from boat: crew pays

Other Info:

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