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[ active ] Nov’24 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands trans-Atlantic ARC Rally to Rodney Bay, St Lucia, East Caribbean (Do FaceTime for boat tour!) Canary Islands to Saint Lucia ref 14633

wants 3 crew for Salacia, Hanse 385, m.

From Las Palmas, Gran Canaria , Canary Islands to Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.

November 2024 to December 2024.

👋 Hello Welcome to your 2024 trans-Atlantic ARC Rally opportunity, onboard sailing yacht Salacia 👋 Thanks for checking out Yacht Salacia’s invitation to sail the World Cruising Club’s trans-Atlantic 2024 ARC Rally. As Skipper I will be on call 24/7. So I’m searching for experienced and qualified sailors to help keep an efficient watch rota, practice the highest standards of safety procedures and be cohesive crew members for an enjoyable passage. The aim is to savour every moment of our World Class adventure. As you may be aware this ARC rally also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other sailors with the World Cruising Club’s social calendar of events both before departure in Gran Canaria and after our arrival in St Lucia. Do refer to Salacia’s boat description to see what’s provided onboard (Ref 78130) and FaceTime for an onboard yacht tour. I hope you may join us for a sail or two! So do also refer to Salacia’s following ARC Rally logistics and safety requirements; YACHT CREW WANTED: for World Cruising Club (WCC) November 2024 trans-Atlantic ARC RALLY to the Caribbean…. Sailing from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in mid November, directly to arrive in Rodney Bay, St Lucia in the East Caribbean mid December. SAILING YACHT SALACIA: 2014 commissioned, CE category A Hanse385 sailing sloop, with three double-bunk cabins, surveyed for ARC Rally 2024 compliance on the Isle of Wight, UK in April’24 and again on Gran Canaria in Oct’24. Please reference Ocean Crew Link’s Boat description (Ref 78130). EQUAL SHARE OF ARC RALLY EXPENSES: A payment of GBP £2400 expenses contribution will cover your share of the ARC rally entry fee, local marina fees, Atlantic crossing yacht insurance, ARC safety and survey requirements, ARC fuel with spares & victualling. This expenses payment will cover you from your 11th Nov’24 arrival in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, up to your departure from St Lucia on the 12th Dec’24. Subject to weather the Skipper has flexibility with departure dates. Only once 100% of your full expenses contribution has been received, from the 1st September 2024, will you receive confirmation of the watch keeping rota, safety procedures and final MOB drill practice schedule…. MUST DOs:::: A. MUST JOIN SALACIA ON AT LEAST ONE EARLIER PRE-ARC TRIAL SAIL LISTED JOURNEY, IN ADVANCE OF 2024 ARC… Do state your top two choices of listed voyage ads when booking together with your PRE-ARC GBP £900 expenses contribution, from the following options; i.Depart 1st June’24 Isle of Wight, UK to Vigo, Spain (please refer to separate ad 14628) ii.Depart 1st July Vigo, Spain to Funchal, Madeira, via Lisbon Portugal (please refer to separate ad 14629) iii.Depart 1st August, Madeira to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria via Tenerife, or Lanzarote (please refer to separate ad 14632)… The purpose of your pre-ARC trial sail is to familiarise yourself with Salacia, her equipment and her safety procedures. B. Subject to your successful Pre-ARC trial sail, 30% of your ARC Rally expenses contribution of GBP £1900 or US$equivalent, will be immediately payable to confirm your ARC RALLY 2024 booking. The remaining 70% your ARC Rally expenses contribution is payable any time before 29th August 2024…. C. Must not be allergic to dogs and must be comfortable sailing with Chihuahua mascot ‘Buoy’…. D. Must arrange your own ’Schengen’ visa sign in and out of the Canary Islands, as well as your St. Lucia visa. E. Must have passport with at least ten months before expiry on the1st November 2024, with visa stamps for the Canary Islands and St Lucia, together with proof of your COVID jabs and other Gran Canaria and St Lucia vaccinations…. F. Must bring your own flexible date return home flight ticket from St Lucia, in advance of arriving in Las Palmas, Canary Islands and email a copy to the Skipper before 31st September 2024…. G. Must bring your own PLB & SART AIS (e.g. only a standard generic sized life jacket will be provided by the skipper for the duration of this ARC RALLY)… H. Must bring your own sailing insurance plus travel insurance and do share copies with the Skipper in advance of arrival in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, before 31st September 2024…. I. For your luggage, do bring a soft duffel bag or backpack without wheels or hard corners, nor any hard protrusions…. J. Latest Las Palmas, Gran Canaria crew arrival date Monday 11th November 2024 to assist Skipper with victualling and final boat safety checks, preparations. ARC Rally social events start on the 12th November. K. If you’re interested, do email [email protected] with details of your previous ocean crossings, two sailing references, together with copies of your sailing CV and sailing licenses, ENG1 certificate, STCW certificate and three time options to schedule FaceTime via Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp…. L. Must be willing to take a drugs test. Must accept there is no alcohol to be consumed while making way. Absolutely no smoking allowed onboard whatsoever! If there is anything you would like to practice, or if you have any questions, do let the Skipper know during your FaceTime and pre-ARC trial. The purpose of the FaceTime is to exchange information and your pre-ARC trial sail is to help familiarise you with Salacia’s set up, equipment and safety procedures. For your reference, the crew description is also listed below within another section below, in addition to all the voyage requirements information above. I do also hope you will be encouraged to join us onboard Salacia and will feel free to reach out at any time with your questions. Wishing you all the best with your nautical ventures and I very much look forward to sailing with you soon. Kind Regards, Sonia Skipper SY Salacia

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 1): Ocean Sailing Instructor

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 2): Watch-leader

What roles/experience are needed (Crew 3): Watch-leader

Sailing with a Rally: None

I'm looking for (gender): either

Cabins/Sleeping : shared cabin-hot bunk

Smoking on board: non-smokers only

Total people on board: 4

Crew roles: The Skipper is sure you already have what it takes, but we do need to satisfy Salacia’s insurance policy. So please see below for Salacia’s crew description:… 1. to 3. Sailing Licenses Required: -. One Yacht-master Ocean/ Master Mate 200T/500T (own cabin) -. Two Watch Leaders (shared cabin) 4. Must have a STCW safety at sea certificate… 5. Must have ENG1 fitness certificate… 6. Minimum 3000nm sailing experience…. 7. Minimum one overnight ocean crossing over 250nm away from safe haven…. 8. English Speaking. Spanish skills a bonus…. 9. Must pay all pre-ARC trial and ARC Rally expense contributions within the requested timescales…. 10. Must be a cohesive team Member. Kind to crew, with good sense of humour and a flexible positive can do attitude….. 11. Must be able to adhere to watch keeper rota including; navigation, safety equipment checks, sail plan, rigging checks, weather checks, first aid, waste management, water conservation, victualling, cleaning and cooking duties…. 12. Flexible to chip in as necessary with all duties and circumstances and learn from more experienced crew…. 13. Diesel engine and electrical maintenance skills are a bonus…. 14. Victron Energy electrical power management skills are a bonus…. 15. Be able to use Raymarine Axiom chart plotter, B&G autopilot, Raymarine Quantum2 radar, Ocean signal B+ AIS, ICOM 423 vhf radio and onboard satellite communications equipment. OK to use pre-ARC trial sail to practice for this purpose. 16. Be able to put out fire using onboard fire extinguishers or fire blankets in each cabin. OK to use pre-ARC trial sail to practice for this purpose.….. 17. Able to manage Man Over Board (MOB) drills and deploy Ocean Safety 8 man liferaft. OK to use pre-ARC trial sail to practice for this purpose.…. 18. Must bring onboard own waterproof sailing gear, passport with required visas, proof of vaccinations including COVID, sailing licenses, STCW, ENG1 and own PLB/AIS SART (e.g. only a generic standard size life jacket is provided), own sailing insurance and own travel insurance….. 19. Must bring own sleeping bag, towel, toiletries, medication and sea sickness patches….. 20. Commercial endorsement is a bonus…. Should you wish to be considered to join us onboard Salacia to sail the trans-Atlantic ARC Rally 2024 from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands to St Lucia in the Caribbean, email the Skipper details of how you comply with points 1. to 20. together with your sailing CV…. The Skipper very much welcomes your questions and looks forward to your FaceTime discussions…. Do use the FaceTime for a boat tour and also let the Skipper know which procedures or equipment from the above list you are already comfortable with and which ones you would use the pre-ARC trial voyage to get more familiar with practice in advance of our trans-Atlantic crossing…. Do remember to share your top two choices of pre-ARC trial sail listed journey onboard Salacia. Do also share copies of your sailing CV with the Skipper, together with copies of your ENG1 medical, STCW safety training and sailing licences. Must arrive onboard on 11th November 2024 and be prepared to leave Salacia in St Lucia before the end of 12th December 2024, subject to weather…. If you have what it takes to share with Salacia’s insurance company, the Skipper will then request copies of your up to date passport stamped with Schengen and/or St Lucia visas, as well as proof of your required sailing and travel insurance with vaccination certificates including COVID…. Very much looking forward to hearing from you soon. I welcome your email questions, await your FaceTime availability and do remember to let me know which areas I may assist with and if you have any specific requirements, including dietary, allergy or medical needs…. Until then from all onboard Salacia, wishing you fair winds for all your sailing ventures…

Money: expenses shared equally

Travel to and from boat: crew pays

Other Info:

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