Marcelo Díaz, male, 50

Ref 48396

Nationality: Uruguay
Currently based in: San Sebastian, Spain
Looking for: Worldwide opportunities
Experience: 300 ocean miles / 200 coastal miles
Marcelo Díaz Rodriguez has MORE THAN 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN FIELDS OF TOURISM, CULTURE&CREATIVITY AND LEISURE. WILL MENTION ONLY MOST EMOTIONAL: Last recents: *Cook at *Front desk at the Oldest House in San Sebastian: *The Loaf team member (baker) *Gondolin Klub- President of the first SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Club of the Basque Country. *DIMENSIÓN Adverticement. Producer I explored creativity and social activism *GARBIBAI first SUP Race to clean a River *Real Tenis Club de San Sebastian: Sport Project Developer SUP *DEBOLEX: Photograph and water art *CUTBACK MAGAZINE (Surfing): Editorial head Spanish north zone *SURF INSTRUCTOR at Pukas Surf Eskola in Zarautz *Front Desk Maitre in Hotel Art Las Cumbres, Punta del Este Uruguay. And of course, a long diverse “survival works” where I learnt a lot: *Towin Water Photographer *Making boats in Orio. Naútica Altair *Spanish dealer for C4Waterman (Stand Up Paddle) and Outrigger Zone (Hawaian Canoes) *Expert Accessorize in several institutional strategic events about sport&nature #communication skills Public speech, discussion and debate, Writing and Storyteling, Listening and empathy. Good breafing reader, Media 2.0 and 3.0 Collaborations with some media Antena 3, Berria, ETB and many other where I played the game of local and big media. #business skills Marketin & communication;vision & strategy inspire & innovate ideas & functional concepts networking & relationship press and policy public & private #production skills: Local providers knowledge Good negotiator High coordination and deadline respect & not my cup of tea: Boring context. Non stop burocracy framework. Bad working atmosphere. Non-challengy perspective. *interests Gastronomy... specially cooking with fire Art... it always help to be disruptive New trends... especially on business Small Little things... life is full of them Love and taking care ... in every context is absolutely primary Traveling worldwide.... Life is so big, we are so small Karaoke... I’m so terrible but always trying uruguayan . born on the 28th september 1971 in Montevideo. spanish nationality living in San Sebastian since 2001. education *Graduate on Tourism - Universidad de la República de Uruguay *Different courses around Creativity, Culture, Entrepreneurship and Marketing *Patrón Costero Polivalente ( Multipurpose Coastal Skipper) IES Náutico Pesquero de Pasaia-Blas de Lezo BHI.
Smoking: non-smoker
Relationship status: single
Dietary requirements: I eat when we have food and when really hungry. If not I can drink coffee and or yerba mate.
Languages: English; French; Spanish; Portuguese, Basque
Social Links:

Marcelo’s Sailing Experience

Number of years sailing: 1 to 3
Sea miles sailed: Ocean: 300 / Coastal: 200
Nights at sea: 11-49
I have experience as: Watch Leader
Invite this crew to
Sailing Skills Experienced
I have done this many times and am confident to help others less experienced. I am happy doing this day
I am competent doing this in daylight, or if there is someone more experienced with me
I have only done this a few times, but I am willing to learn
I have not done this before
Steer a compass course x
Keep lookout/watch-keeping x
Trimming sails – mainsail and foresail/jib x
Reefing x
Working the foredeck – setting sails including spinnakers and cruising chutes x
Navigating with GPS and paper charts at sea x
Anchoring and handling anchors x
Cooking at sea x
Using dinghies with outboard motors x
Heaving-to and other heavy weather tactics x

Other nautical or cruising skills

Using VHF radiox
Diesel engine maintenancex

Other nautical or relevant qualifications

Qualification Awarding Level Year
Port Skipper IES Náutico Pesquero de Pasaia \"Blas de Lezo\". 2020
DECK RATING for Fishing Vessels Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSpain 0
Restricted Operator Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (ROC) Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSpain 0
Rating Navigational Watch Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSpain 0
Passenger Ships Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSpain 0
FAMILIARIZATION AND BASIC SAFETY TRAINING Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSpain 0
Engine Rating Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSPain 0
Certificate in Proficiency in Security Awareness and Designated Security Duties Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban AgendaSpain 0

Voyage History

Date Boat From/To Miles Role # Crew Rally
2021 Jeanneau 21´ Getaria/San Sebastian 30 Watch-leader 2 no
2020 Jeanneau Sangria 21´ Getaria/Orio 30 Captain 4 no
2014 18´ 100CV Motor boat San Sebastian /Deba 50 Watch-leader 3 no
2006 40´ Sailing Boat Vessel La Graciosa/Ilhas Selvagens 300 Watch-leader 10 no
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